ZimaGear partners with FCA for Cutting Edge Uniforms

ROCHESTER, NY – January 13, 2016 – Once again, ZimaGear, which has outfitted some of the top college and professional lacrosse teams, will be providing FCA with cutting edge material and design for their summer 2016 uniforms.

Dan Dlugozima, ZimaGear co-owner, who has served as Director of Sales since their 2010 inception said the partnership is mutually beneficial to them. “We really enjoy working with Solomon and Sean, and trying to help them with their mission of what they do with their FCA kids by providing them the best sports apparel possible,” Dlugozima said.

ZimaGear will provide this year’s FCA players with a reversible shooting shirt, shorts, and more. Dlugozima said he is excited about the new design. “We worked closely with Sean and Solomon to bring the Northeast brand into the apparel. This year’s concept is a more all-encompassing pattern that is a visual representation of all the states in the northeast. The design, which lists out the full names of all the participating Northeast states, is located on all the uniform pieces,” Dlugozima said.

“We appreciated the great job ZimaGear did designing and creating last year’s uniforms, and anticipate a great product for this years as well! Their customer service is so strong that, no matter how busy they are, at times it feels we are their only customer,” said Solomon Bliss, FCA’s Regional Community/Camp Coordinator.

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More information can be found at FCA.org.